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Small Rodents Sticks

Price: 2,65 EUR
„Three-in-One” series - each box contains three different sticks so the animals may try different tastes. Seed stick is a food based exclusively on natural components which have been carefully selected in accordance with the needs and tastes of your pet. The stick is an excellent source of vitamins, micro- and macroelements which are essential for proper animal growth and development. The composition of the stick includes a mixture of especially selected seeds. The stick, owing to a wooden core, helps trim your pet’s incisors. Besides, the animals may pluck the seeds themselves, like in the natural environment. „Obtaining food” becomes fun and makes your pet happy.

Puur pauze sticks forest fruit

Price: 3,00 EUR
Gourmet gnawing stick with forest fruit cranberry / elderberry / rosehip / rowan berry pure gourmet gnawing sticks // richly coated with delicious ingredients / no chance of boredom // pure pleasure 3x oven baked seed sticks A delicious and healthy activity for your beloved pet Without artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings