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Hamster Feeder

Price: 1,00 EUR

Play House

Price: 4,50 EUR
31x 23 x 9 cm


Price: 3,50 EUR

Hamster Cage Criceti 7

Price: 42,65 EUR
Description Criceti 7 is a hamster cage with a habitat developed on three levels connected by transparent colored tubes. It has a sturdy semi-transparent plastic bottom and a white painted metal mesh structure. Two orange plastic shelves create two separate areas where your hamster can sleep, relax, play and eat. Complete the cage making it cozy and hospitable, the Casetta must your pet can rest, the Mini Bowl manger and the closed wheel indispensable for daily exercise. Easy to maintain and clean thanks to the side hooks that allow you to separate the net from the bottom. Two comfortable doors with closing hooks, one on the roof and the other side, prevent any leakage of your rodent and also allow you to extract it or insert its food without problems.

Hamster Cage Criceti 9

Price: 34,00 EUR
Description Hamster cage with a green semi-transparent plastic bottom and a blue metal mesh structure. Hooked to the net a shelf connected to the bottom with a tunnel to create more space for your little rodent. The cage is completed by the Hut nest, the Rolly wheel and the Mini Bowl manger, essential accessories to create an environment suited to the needs of your hamster. The opening on the roof with safety hook will allow you to comfortably insert the food and easily reach your pet. Criceti 9 is a cage made with the space-saving system to make you save on transport and storage costs and easy assembly

Hamster Cage Criceti 2

Price: 24,00 EUR
45 x 30.5 x 29 cm

Hamster cottage

Price: 3,80 EUR
16.5 x 10 x 11 cm

Hamster Wheel

Price: 3,50 EUR

BIBBER 150ml

Price: 2,50 EUR

BIBBER 330ml

Price: 3,20 EUR

Mini Bowl

Price: 2,10 EUR

Rabbit toilet

Price: 5,30 EUR