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Ornifruit Canary 2.5kg

Price: 8,00 EUR
High quality food which combines the most complete mixture of seeds and grains with the addition of dehydrated fruit and vegetables, in order to give an extra of vitamines to the pet food. At the same time, providing Ornifruit to your pet, you are providing new textures, flavours and smells to our pet.

Ornifruit Parakeet 2kg

Price: 8,00 EUR

Ornifruit Tropical Finches 2.5kg

Price: 7,50 EUR

Ornifruit Parrot 2kg

Price: 10,50 EUR

Ornifruit Budgies 2.5kg

Price: 7,00 EUR

Placias Mix Loros Premium 15Kg

Price: 30,00 EUR

Placias Mix Canary 20Kg

Price: 26,00 EUR

Placias Mix Budgie 20kg

Price: 20,00 EUR

Real Budgie Seed 1,5kg

Price: 1,50 EUR

Real Parakeet Lovebirds 1kg

Price: 1,50 EUR

Real Exotic 1kg

Price: 1,60 EUR

Real Canary 1kg

Price: 1,60 EUR